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Suhayya (Sue) Abu-Hakima, Co-Founder, President/CEO Amika Mobile Corporation

Sue is co-Founder, President/CEO of her second start-up Amika Mobile Corporation. As a rare women technology CEO who has built her reputation on excellence and innovation, Sue is the driving force behind the company. Amika Mobile has won 21 Industry awards under her leadership.

As a two-time founder/CEO, she has formed boards of directors and advisors and directs the business strategy, ensuring that product development matches customer pain points, as well as customer relationships which are key to an SMB. Her first company, launched as a spin-off from NRC government labs was AmikaNow! whose compliance business was acquired by Entrust. As VP of Content Technology at Entrust, Sue transitioned the compliance business within Entrust. Sue started her career at BNR (Nortel Labs). Over her tenure as a CEO she has created hundreds of jobs in tech.

Sue holds a B.Eng. from McGill University, M.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees from Carleton University specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Sue was an adjunct Professor at both the University of Ottawa and Carleton University and has mentored countless undergraduate and graduate students in AI. Sue is on the Big Data Advisory Board at Dalhousie as well as on the McGill University Advisory Board. She contributed to the National Centers of Excellence and has been a director on boards for 29 years including the Ontario Centers of Excellence and the National Centers of Excellence. She has also contributed to the Prime Minister's Task Force on Women Entrepreneurs.

She has given countless invited speeches on entrepreneurship and AI as it pertains to public safety, messaging and security. Sue was named to the Order of Ontario in 2011 for excellence and achievement, the Province's highest honour. She was also awarded the Queen's Jubilee medal in 2012. She was selected in both 2015and 2016 as a WXN Top 100 Trailblazer and by the Women of Influence as a Top 25 in 2014. She was chosen Canada's Advanced Technology Entrepreneur in 2007. During her 35 years in high-tech, Sue has established an exemplary record of professional accomplishment and service to her community; as an Industry leader, employer and a technology pioneer in the field of practical applications of AI. Sue has 30 International patents in security, AI, messaging, content analysis and security. As many as 27 Global Companies have cited her pioneering patents. She has published and presented over 100 papers. Sue is an avid Ottawa Senators hockey fan. View some of Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima's publications or speaking engagements.

Ken Grigg, Co-Founder, CTO/CIO, Amika Mobile Corporation

Ken is the Co-Founder CIO/CTO at Amika Mobile. Prior to that he was the Director of Content Analysis Products at Entrust while the Compliance Products were transitioned from AmikaNow! to Entrust.

Prior to Entrust's acquisition of the Compliance Business Unit from AmikaNow!, Ken served as the Chief Technology Officer at AmikaNow! He joined AmikaNow! in early 2000 as Vice President of Engineering. Prior to joining AmikaNow! Ken helped shape the early direction of the company as an advisor on the BOA. Ken has worked for 25 years as a senior architect leading teams for Internet and Telecommunications products. He has delivered 20 products over his career in security, messaging, content analysis, telecommunications and Applied AI. He worked for 6 years at Mitel Corporation where he helped pioneer the core of Mitel's VoIP-based telephony and wireless products. At Precise Software Technologies he worked on the core of their popular embedded networking protocol stack. Ken managed the development of a Satellite Ground Station system for Calian/SED Systems.

Ken began his career with 9 intensely formative years at Bell-Northern Research labs (now Nortel Labs), where he worked on pioneering projects such as prototyping the concepts of Internet newsgroups (1982) and developing the PC-and phone-based technology for achieving the world's first converged ISDN voice and data call (1986). He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, and a Masters in Engineering in Systems and Computer Engineering from Carleton University, where he specialized in parallel and distributed computing. Ken has 20 patents in security, messaging and Applied AI and is considered a pioneer in mobile messaging, VoIP and emergency alert response communications. His products have won 18 Industrial awards in Amika Mobile. For more see Ken Grigg LinkedIn Profile.