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Amika Mobile Completes Shooter Detection Systems Integration for Government
Ottawa, March 8, 2017 - Amika Mobile® is pleased to announce that the Amika® Mobility Server (AMS) platform for critical and emergency communications is now integrated with the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System from Shooter Detection Systems (SDS). AMS receives event triggers from Guardian's gunshot sensors and can provide immediate, location-specific instructional notifications and automate access lockdowns based on the dynamic event information. Amika Mobile® completed the integration in preparation for active testing with government and enterprise security teams.
"Keeping people informed as a crisis unfolds, such as an active shooter requires an automated and very rapid lockdown. SDS provides the gunshot event information and AMS instantly triggers the lockdown with voice over the paging system for individuals to shelter in place until the 'all clear'. This is where the AMS two-way communications and its capability to pinpoint the gunshot location on a map sent along with the alert is key." said Amika Mobile® Co-Founder/CEO Sue Abu-Hakima.
"The Amika Mobility Server captures the SDS Guardian gunshot location events and relays them on any communication layer which is critical in active shooter situations," said SDS CEO, Christian Connors. "For security teams, AMS handles the situational awareness, communications and control response to active shooter situations in real time utilizing the gunshot detection and location information SDS provides to their system. We look forward to supporting customers with this integrated and powerful platform."
Amika Mobile has pioneered technology that addresses two gaps in public safety and security. First, AMS automatically discovers wireline or mobile devices by location -- especially important for airports, sports arenas, entertainment venues and campuses where stakeholders and visitors must be given clear instructions based on where they are when an emergency strikes. Second, AMS automatically detects and intelligently manages dynamic sensor events triggered from disparate physical security systems. Amika Mobile has delivered ground breaking solutions to customers in this area for 6 years. Such dynamic events include gunshot detected, forced door entry, wall-mounted Panic, card access under duress, detected motion from cameras, fire panel events, etc. The AMS platform automatically delivers identified events to appropriate security teams at command centers or while mobile to help manage the crisis.
AMS has an open architecture that enables rapid integration with third-party equipment such as access control, fire systems, gunshot detectors, cameras, gas sensors and applications such as mobile, desktop or wall panic. Captured events from any monitoring sensor product is clustered and disambiguated to issue a single, group or mass alerts. The events trigger alerts that identify recipients by dynamic locations or team membership over ANY layer of communication. AMS simultaneously alerts ALL layers including SMS, Pop-ups on SmartPhones, Tablets or Desktops, Email, VoIP, Callouts, Radios, Overhead Displays, Paging Systems, Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.
MarketsandMarkets forecasts the Incident and Emergency Management Market to grow from USD 80.10 Billion in 2015 to USD 101.33 Billion in 2020. This growth is driven by many factors including increase in workplace violence, terrorism, natural disasters and heightened awareness of the need for critical and emergency communication during a crisis.
Amika Mobile will demonstrate its award winning products and integration with SDS's software at both ISC West 2017 booth # 32102 in Las Vegas April 5th to 7th as well as ASIS 2017 booth #507 in Dallas, Texas.
Amika Mobile Corporation is privately held specializing in critical and emergency communication and control. Its flagship product, the Amika Mobility Server (AMS), addresses IOT and BYOD security and is ideal for alert/response in enterprise, community, airport, sports arena, shopping center and campus where visitors may not always be pre-registered in a contacts database since the AMS can auto-discover mobile devices for emergency alert/response. AMS alerts securely over wire or mobile to ANY layer including WiFi, SMS, Email, VoIP, PA systems, Message Boards, Twitter, RSS Feeds, Facebook, etc. AMS and Amika®Panic can trigger lockdowns and alerts based on disparate events from gunshot sensors, access control, fire panels, cameras, wall mounted, desktop or mobile panic buttons, etc. Amika® Situation Commander tracks event alert/response in real-time. AMS delivers advisory government alerts from NOAA, IPAWS, NAAD System, Alert Ready and MASAS in CAP /CAP-CP formats. Amika Mobile has won 18 awards and sells products through partners. See
Shooter Detection Systems is the world leader in indoor gunshot detection technology. Developed in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Raytheon, SDS' gunshot detection systems utilize the most advanced and proven shooter detection technologies available in the commercial market. SDS is focused on saving lives through the use of proven, military-grade technology designed by the world's foremost scientists. The company's technology is currently deployed in airports, schools, healthcare facilities, Fortune 500 corporations, municipal buildings, court systems, major utilities, manufacturing plants, high-rise office buildings, and government and private buildings. For more information, visit our website at or call 1-844-SHOT911. Follow Shooter Detection Systems on Twitter @shooterdetect.
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