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Amika Mobile® Announces Dell EMC OEM with IoT Gateways
OTTAWA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / September 18, 2018 / Amika Mobile and Dell EMC announce OEM partnership. The OEM is of Amika Mobile's Amika Mobility Server (AMS) platform for critical and emergency communications with hybrid Cloud and on-Premise capability with Dell Edge Gateways 3000 and 5000 Series. The AMS is a patented AI-based intelligent software agent platform and processes thousands of simultaneous events while automatically discovering mobile devices in public places like border crossings, airports and stadiums to instantly assist in critical situations and evacuations as a crisis unfolds. The Dell Edge IoT Gateways 3000 and 5000 OEM with AMS is targeted at AT&T's FirstNet which is the US first responder network for police, fire and EMS.
''It is very exciting for Amika Mobile® to be working with Dell's innovative Gateways for IoT, which are essentially edge devices that will simplify installation and configuration for customers putting the power of our solutions into a 4-inch by 4-inch square that is ruggedized. Amika Mobile is always aiming at the forefront of technology with just-in-time® information and we are also bringing the latest security and safety product innovations to connected vehicles and smart cities, where we can continue to leverage IoT and AI within our AMS platform to save lives,'' said Amika Mobile CEO Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima.
''In emergency situations, real-time analysis of the massive amount of data produced by devices is critical for first responders to immediately make smart decisions,'' said Alan Mayer, SVP at Dell EMC. ''Able to withstand harsh conditions, the ruggedized Dell Edge Gateways for IoT are ideally suited for solutions like Amika Mobile AMS platform for critical and emergency communications and first responders who can leverage them within vehicles, at border crossings or in buildings in Smart Cities.''
The AMS intelligent agent platform enables situational awareness, information sharing, rapid 2-way communications across devices and networks, and control through advanced integration with physical security including gunshot detection sensors to trigger lockdowns with looped voice over the paging system. AMS alerts and tracks responses from ANY communication layer including Connected Vehicles as well as Callouts, VoIP, SMS, Pop-ups, Push, Email, overhead monitors, digital signs, Twitter or tickers, based on sensor events from gunshot detectors, access control, fire panels, camera systems, VMS, building automation, government agency or weather alerts, panic buttons, and IoT sensor networks.
The public safety and security market is growing from $305B in 2011 to $546B in 2022 according to Homeland Security Research Corp. in Washington, DC. The Connected Vehicle Market is estimated to grow to $2.2 Trillion by 2020 according to Business Insider Intelligence group. Amika® Panic , Amika®Alert, and Amika® Situation Commander in conjunction with AMS and Dell Edge Gateways fit seamlessly into these markets where the integration of innovative systems is paramount to unlocking increased efficiency, security and safety especially with Smart Cities.
Amika Mobile will demonstrate its award winning AMS products at GSX (ASIS 2018) booth #4018 in Las Vegas, NV where it has again been named as an innovator and ASIS Accolades Finalist. Amika Mobile will also be demonstrating its products at the BTC Iowa 2018 Technology Conference Oct 16th as well as the CITIG First Responder Conference in Toronto December 2-5, 2018.
Amika Mobile® Corporation is privately held specializing in critical and emergency communication and control. Its flagship product, the Amika® Mobility Server (AMS), addresses IOT and BYOD security and is ideal for alert/response in enterprise, community, airport, sports arena, shopping center and campus where visitors may not always be pre-registered in a contacts database since the AMS can auto-discover mobile devices for emergency alert/response. AMS alerts is an AI-based platform that alerts securely over wire or mobile to ANY layer including WiFi, SMS, Email, VoIP, PA systems, Message Boards, Twitter, RSS Feeds, Facebook, etc. AMS and Amika®Panic can trigger lockdowns and alerts based on disparate events from gunshot sensors, access control, fire panels, cameras, wall mounted, desktop or mobile panic buttons, etc. Amika® Situation Commander tracks event alert/response in real-time. AMS delivers advisory government alerts from NOAA, IPAWS, Alert Ready and MASAS in CAP /CAP-CP formats. Amika Mobile® has won 21 awards and sells products through partners. Amika Mobile® is a woman-owned WeConnect Internationally certified business. See
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