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AmikaNow!, eManage, University of Ottawa and IRAP Announce Automatic Email Classification Project
Ottawa, July 25, 2001 - AmikaNow!, a leader in email management tools driven by intelligent content interpretation software and eManage Inc., a leading developer and provider of structured email and records management solutions, today announced a $1,000,000 project in partnership with the University of Ottawa and partially supported through $350,000 from the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) of the National Research Council of Canada in the area of automatic email records classification.
Today's email systems are used as the primary communication medium to conduct business discussions and carry out decisions and actions. According to Pitney Bowes, email today represents 97% of communication in the enterprise. According to IDC we now have over 1 Billion corporate email boxes receiving an average of 37 to 50 emails a day. A growing proportion of these emails are official corporate documents that act as the records that hold the intellectual capital of an enterprise. These email records need to be subjected to the same legal and regulatory requirements for retention and disposition as any other corporate record.
The eManage software automatically captures electronic messages from Microsoft® Exchange, classifies the messages as records within the corporate file classification, then applies corporate retention and disposition rules, and advanced life cycle management to these records. eManage has been certified to the US Department of Defense DoD 5015.2 standard for electronic records management, which is fast becoming the defacto standard for government and private sector organizations alike. eManage is also compliant with the Securities and Exchange Commission rule SEC 17a-4, which requires financial institutions to adhere to regulations governing the retention and disposition of email records.
With the ever-increasing volume and breadth of corporate email traffic, the problems associated with accurate email classification grow exponentially. This project will leverage AmikaNow!'s auto-classification technology and the large database of classification rules developed by eManage to produce a combined auto-classifier that can be rapidly configured for very complex records management scenarios. The University of Ottawa's Machine Learning Laboratory headed by Stan Matwin will assist the project team in ensuring a valid scientific approach and evaluation of the auto-classification technology.
"Fast access and retrieval of key documents embedded in email are vital to enterprise customers who are being deluged with increasing volumes of information," said Sue Abu-Hakima, AmikaNow!'s Founder and President/CEO. "For these reasons, we view this partnership with eManage and the University of Ottawa as key in our objective of facilitating the efficient and effective use of email. IRAP's support of this multi-disciplinary team is an excellent example of how good partnerships can make a strong impact in a difficult economy."
"Email has a significant impact on corporate record keeping, and must be retained for legal and financial tracking and internal communication use. We are excited by this project as it adds tangible benefits to our clients," said Dr. Yaser Abaza, Senior Vice President, Eng. & Operations of eManage. "Coupled with eManage's business rules based classifier, the AmikaClassifier's sophisticated pattern identification algorithms and classification techniques offer our customers the benefits of additional features directly integrated with our structured email and records management product."
"This project is an excellent example of a strong collaborative team between leading edge companies and academic research which helps demonstrate the University's commitment to making real contribution with an economic impact", said Professor Stan Matwin of SITE at the University of Ottawa.
"AmikaNow's ability to bring Industry and University partners to the table makes this an exemplary project with regards to the NRC/IRAP program" said Liza Medek, Industry Technology Advisor with NRC/IRAP.
AmikaNow! is a private company that specializes in automatic content analysis customized for email. The AmikaGuardianTM Server ensures that email complies with legislated privacy requirements and corporate policies for government, healthcare and financial customers. AmikaNow! also markets high performance toolkits that automatically filter, categorize, summarize, and search, available by OEM to platform vendors and systems integrators. For more information, please visit
About eManage Inc.
eManage Inc. is a leading developer of award-winning solutions for structured email management and records management applications. eManage is DoD 5015.2 certified and SEC 17a-4 compliant. eManage markets its solutions to organizations worldwide through a network of value-added resellers, distributors, system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). eManage's target market includes Government and Fortune 1000 companies in varied industries, such as banking and financial services, insurance, health care, petrochemicals, etc.
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The University of Ottawa is Canada's largest bilingual university and one of the nation's leading comprehensive, research-intensive institutions. The University's ten faculties, including Ontario's second- largest graduate studies and co-operative education programs, offer world-class education to nearly 25,000 students. Its location in the heart of Canada's capital provides the University with a window on the world and an invaluable resource for its faculty and students. For more information visit
About IRAP of the National Research Council of Canada
The Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) mandate is "to stimulate wealth-creation for Canada through technological innovation". IRAP is intended to help Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) meet the technological challenges they face in delivering new products, processes or services. The goal of IRAP is to enhance the SME innovation capacity through R&D so that new ideas can be made into profitable business lines as quickly as possible. Each year, IRAP helps more than 12,000 SMEs. IRAP criteria for an eligible SME include that the company be incorporated in Canada, has less than 500 employees and it has an innovative project that can be rigorously evaluated to ensure that the results increase the company's competitiveness. For more information visit
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